About Us

We focus fully on the needs of our clients, providing flexible solutions to their wealth planning needs with integrity and impartiality.

Who Are We

Abacus is an independent provider of professional, fiduciary and management services focused on the interests of the clients we represent.

With a history spanning more than 40 years we have distinguished ourselves with our outstanding customer service, technical expertise and straightforward approach.

Offering a personalised service is at the core of our business and directors manage all our client relationships – they are supported by an experienced and qualified team that includes accountants, tax specialists, trust and company professionals and compliance officers.

Why Abacus?

  • We are committed to personal, pro-active client relationships
  • Abacus has complete independence in offering onshore and offshore solutions
  • Services are tailored to fit each client
  • Our track record is held in high regard
  • We recruit, nurture and retain talented people.

Corporate Responsibility:

The word philanthropy comes from two Ancient Greek words, philein meaning to love and anthropos meaning humankind – we believe today it means generosity in all its forms including the giving of time, talent and treasure to help make life better for other people.

We appreciate the value of the communities we live and work in which is why we are proud to nurture them by taking part in a range of philanthropic efforts that include giving as well as employee involvement and support. We are often overwhelmed by the generosity and commitment shown by our teams during our charitable initiatives.

Our Isle of Man office focuses its efforts on championing groups working to improve quality of life and for 2024 has adopted Looky's Aid which works to provide a brighter future for young people.

The foundations of our business are:
  • Personal

    Client relationships diligently managed by motivated directors

  • Proactive

    Anticipating needs, timely responses and attention to detail

  • Bespoke

    Onshore and offshore solutions to meet the goals of each client

Abacus Insights.

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