Our proactive team has welcomed the interesting opportunities of digital and communication technologies.

Abacus welcomes the opportunity to support clients operating in the digital sector.

We value the practical and transformative opportunities fintech, software and eBusinesses bring to commerce and personal lives. We assist technology driven clients to create and deliver new products through efficient structuring and support them with professional business services, administration and governance.

With a history spanning more than 40 years Abacus has distinguished itself with outstanding customer service, technical expertise and a straightforward approach – clients benefit from being part of our influential network.

Offering a personal service is at the core of our business and directors manage our client relationships supported by an experienced and qualified team that includes accountants, tax specialist and compliance officers.

Crafting your vision into a reality

If you have a query in respect of any digital matter please get in touch.

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  • Personal

    Client relationships diligently managed by motivated directors

  • Proactive

    Anticipating needs, timely responses and attention to detail

  • Bespoke

    Onshore and offshore solutions to meet the goals of each client

Abacus Insights.

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